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Multi-Position Wing Snow Plow

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Get the benefits of a winged snow plow with the simple control of a straight blade with the Western Prodigy multi-position wing plow. The wings automatically adjust to provide the most efficient plowing configuration for the job.

Unique Features

  • 29-1/2″ tall, 12-gauge powder-coated steel moldboard and patented mechanical wing design
  • 8’7″ plowing path in scoop mode and 9’8″ path with both wings pinned back straight
  • 70-degree attack angle ensures a clean scrape
  • Durable poly blade provides a slick surface for enhanced snow-rolling action and maintenance-free surface
  • Steel blade features the ULTRAFINISH powder-coated surface
  • The MVP PLUS features a clean-scraping 70-degree attack angle
  • Four heavy-duty coil springs protect your plow and truck by allowing the whole blade to trip when striking obstacles
  • Wing protection is provided by the heavy-duty coil springs and cable assembly
  • Six vertical ribs and the exclusive WESTERN POWERBAR provide exceptional torsional strength and rigidity
  • Two additional ribs on each wing provide extra reinforcement
  • A 1″ diameter steel pivot bolt ensures proper alignment and reduces stress on the plow assembly
  • Wings automatically adjust when you change the plowing angle
  • Tractor-compatible mount kit is designed for easy installation on a wide range of tractor models
  • Skid-steer compatible mount kit also available

Product Specs

Moldboard Options steel
Blade Width 8’7″ scoop; 9’8″ wings pinned
Blade Height 29.5″
Blade Thickness 12 ga
Shock Absorbers optional
Trip Springs 4
Ribs 8
Lift Cylinder 1.5″ x 8″
Angling Rams 1.5″ x 10″
Plowing Width (full angle) 7’10” full angle; 8’7″ schoop
Approx Weight (without mount) 880 lbs
Cutting Edge 0.5″ x 6″
Mount Type UltraMount 2

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