Western Dealers Pre Wet Salt System

Pre-Wet Salt System

For Tornado and Striker Hopper Spreaders

The pre-wet salt spreader system for WESTERN Tornado and Striker hopper spreaders allow operators to pre-wet material with a liquid brine solution just before it hits the spinner. This provides two distinct advantages over dry applications – pre-wetting salt “activates” the material to accelerate ice melting, and pre-wet granules bounce less when hitting the pavement for greater control and less waste.

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Unique Features

  • Updated FLEET FLEX electric hopper spreader control for the Striker and Tornado hopper spreaders include a pre-wet accessory button for on/off operation
  • Corrosion-resistant, fully enclosed housing protects the pump, electronics, and valves from the elements
  • Easy-to-access fill cap
  • The pre-wet system is designed with FLEET FLEX technology for easy interchange between electric hopper spreaders without having to change the wiring or controls
  • Pre-wet accessory system is available for select Striker hopper spreaders in either 50-gallon hits (two 25-gallon tanks) or 100-gallon kits (two 50-gallon tanks)
  • Pre-wet accessory system is available for select Tornado hopper spreaders in 50-gallon kits (two 25-gallon tanks)

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