Western Midweight straight blade snow plow


Straight Blade Snow Plow

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Get professional performance with the Western Midweight snow plow.

Unique Features

  • The sturdy 7’6″ moldboard is 27″ tall and comes with 14-gauge powder-coated steel or 1/4″ high-density polyethylene
  • 70-degree attack angle for a clean scrape and come standard with a high carbon steel cutting edge
  • Six vertical ribs and the exclusive Western Power Bar provide unmatched structural reinforcement, exceptional torsional strength and rigidity
  • 1″ diameter pivot bolt secures the plow in place
  • Two-spring trip blade protects your plow and truck when striking hidden obstacles

Product Specs

Moldboard steel/poly
Blade Width 7’6″
Blade Height 27″
Blade Thickness 14 ga steel; 0.25″ poly
Trip Springs 2
Ribs 6
Lift Cylinder 1.5″ x 8″
Plowing Width (full angle) 5’11”
Approx Weight (without mount) 290 lbs
Cutting Edge 0.25″ x 5″
Mount Type personal plow

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