Western Truck Plow


Straight Blade Snow Plow

HTS half ton straight blade Western snow plow

The Western HTS snow plow is ideal for homeowners and contractors with snow removal in residential and light commercial applications such as driveways, small commercial lots and parking spaces.

Unique Features

  • 14-gauge powder coated steel moldboard, 27″ H x 7’6″ W
  • Six vertical ribs and the exclusive Western Power Bar provide unmatched structural reinforcement, exceptional torsional strength and rigidity
  • Hydraulic Scrape Lock holds the blade down for more efficient scraping and clean back dragging
  • Two-spring trip blade protects your plow and truck when striking hidden obstacles

Product Specs

Moldboard steel
Blade Width 7’6″
Blade Height 27″
Blade Thickness 14 ga
Trip Springs 2
Ribs 6
Lift Cylinder 2″ x 6.75″
Angling Rams 1.5″ x 8″
Plowing Width (full angle) 6’7″
Approx Weight (without mount) 412 lbs
Cutting Edge 0.313″ x 6″
Mount Type UltraMount

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