Western Enforcer in stainless & powder-coated steel


Western V-Plow for Half-Ton Trucks


Western Enforcer in stainless steel or powder-coated steel fits half-ton trucks

The Western Enforcer V-Plow is constructed of high-strength, low alloy steel that makes it stronger and lighter than conventional steel, and the ideal weight for half-ton trucks. The Enforcer is engineered with all the features of full-size Western V-Plows, with the lightweight design for the half-ton trucks of businesses and homeowners.

Unique Features

  • Available in premium, corrosion-resistant stainless steel or powder-coated steel, the 7’6″ wide Enforcer features wings that soar from a 27″ center height up to 33″ at the outer edge
  • The blade comes standard with a 6″, high-carbon steel cutting edge, providing increased wear resistance and a clean scrape
  • An aggressive 70-degree attack angle enhances scraping and back dragging, making it ideal for scraping up ice and hard-packed snow
  • Six vertical ribs, plus two additional horizontal ribs on the stainless steel model, reinforce the blade for structural integrity and exceptional torsional strength
  • A 3/4″-diameter, heat-treated steel center pin in a three-connection-point hinge provides added strength and rigidity
  • Configures to varying vehicle heights and widths
  • Double-acting cylinders allow operators to lock the wings together to control the Enforcer in straight blade mode
  • Fully enclosed hydraulic cover to protect the hydraulic unit
  • Snow control gap over the center hinge help deflect and prevent snow from being lost over the top of the plow blade
  • Each blade features independent trip-edge design with a compression-style spring for protection when encountering bumps and obstacles

Product Specs

Moldboard Options steel/powder-coated
Blade Width 7’6″
Blade Height 27″ at center; 33″ at end
Blade Thickness 14 ga steel
Trip Springs 2
Ribs 6
Lift Cylinder 1.25″ x 8.625″
Angling Rams 1.5″ x 12″
Plowing Width (full angle) 6’7″ full angle; 6’5″ scoop; 6’9″ full V
Approx Weight (without mount) 553 lbs steel; 508 lbs powder-coated
Cutting Edge 0.375″ x 6″
Mount Type UltraMount 2

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